The Tools


There are four tools in the Discovering Strengths Toolkit.  Initial pilot testing has shown that they work most effective when used together in a comprehensive package.  Each program, however, can also be effective and very useful on its own or as an addition to a pre-existing program or course.

ResiliencyLogo The Resiliency Survey is an assessment tool that measures developmental strengths and the factors that help people cope and constructively respond to adversity. It can be used as a pre and post test to judge the success of the programs in the toolkit or as a success measure for any other initiatives a community, school or organization is undertaking.

Delivery of the survey can also help participants understand the internal and external things that affect resiliency and how they themselves can impact their own levels of resiliency and make positive change in their lives. Learn more

PreludeLogo Prelude is a learning game that helps build self-knowledge, creativity, empathy, and collaboration —all essential social and emotional skills from playground to workplace. Prelude uses the natural elements – fire, air, water, & earth. This offers a holistic way to understand how different people think and communicate. Prelude uses creative expression as a means for participants to learn deeply about themselves and each other. They also learn how to negotiate and collaborate. Therefore, they also discover the diversity of strengths others can bring to any situation. In the process, players create striking artifacts for their life-career portfolios. It's great fun too! Learn more

RealGameLogo The Real Game is a group learning program to engage youth and young adults in career exploration and envisioning positive futures. In facilitator led groups, players travel to the future and imagine their lives and careers in 5-10 years. They make lifestyle choices, budget money and time, and juggle work, home and leisure responsibilities. They return to the present with new visions of the future they want to create. As a result, they become more intentional and purposeful in learning and life choices.

The program provides a rich opportunity for youth to practice and hone the career and life-planning skills necessary for the 21st century. Learn more

GuidingLogo Guiding Circles is an interactive, flexible and fun approach to career development. It helps guide participants through the process of self reflection, career exploration and decision making. The holistic approach combines a traditional Aboriginal worldview with contemporary career development concepts and helps participants identify options and move towards a career path.

Guiding Circles provides a unique perspective on the essence of career and life decision making elements. Learn more

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