About Change Learning


Change Learning is an innovative initiative to support and pilot new approaches to education and community development.

The seeds for Change Learning were planted when Heather MacTaggart, Executive Director of Classroom Connections, began collaborating with John Abbott, President of The 21st Century Learning Initiative. It was a meeting of like minds.

Classroom Connections is a Canadian non-profit educational organization dedicated to optimizing student learning and the 21st Century Learning Initiative is a U.K. based international network of academics, researchers, policy makers and educators who are encouraging people to re-think our current systems of education.

Heather and John both recognized the disconnect between how our school system is currently structured and the circumstances and opportunities children actually need to develop to their full potential.  They are tireless crusaders about the urgent need to create an education system that capitalizes on what we know about how humans learn and develop – a system that goes with 'the grain of the brain', instead of against it.

Heather and John have gone on to speak and run workshops across the country, and to co-author a book about the need for transformational change in education, Overschooled but Under Educated.

John has been recognized as having significant impact on educational policy (View in Browser | Save As) and Heather has gone on to found Change Learning.  This initiative puts words (and research) into action by pilot testing innovative approaches to education.  Discovering Strengths is one of the pilot projects currently underway.  Another program, Change it Up!, is entering it's second session, and the results have been incredible. Find out more about this project. More projects are in the works. Visit the Change Learning website to learn more.

John Abbott speaks about the future of education

Heather MacTaggart discusses the need for change in the what we teach our children

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