Helping Communities Identify Strengths—Not Problems


The Discovering Strengths toolkit gives community workers, teachers and service providers access to innovative resources for reaching disengaged and unemployed Aboriginal youth and young adults.

What Does it Do?

The strength-based programs can be used to help youth

  • identify their strengths and recognize the strengths of others
  • develop interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team
  • explore personal interests and potential careers
  • imagine possible futures and envision the life they want to live
  • begin to develop a career path and plan their life journey

Why Join?

Joining the portal gives you access to everything you need to run these programs. This includes assessment tools, and teacher/facilitator training.

Is it Free?

Membership is free, although there is a nominal cost for any tools you choose to use in your community, school or agency.  You only pay for what you need or want to use, and you gain access to many additional services. Membership also allows you to join a network of Aboriginal communities and organizations using the tools and sharing their experiences.


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